DIRIS DIGIWARE: An energy measurement and monitoring system that revolutionises electrical installations

The DIRIS Digiware system is a hub of technological innovations that revolutionises the world of measurements, bringing a high degree of flexibility to installations and making connection and configuration easy.
These innovations, together with unrivaled performance in terms of accuracy and functionality, make DIRIS Digiware the most effective solution for metering consumption, measuring and monitoring the quality of electrical energy in industrial and commercial applications.

Build your system:

1 display 1 voltage measurement
Multiple current
measurement modules
Current sensors



Advantages of the DIRIS Digiware system:


picto_352_a_50-50.jpg Flexible

picto_399_a.png Plug & Play

picto_354_a.png Accurate

picto_290_a.png Cost effective

picto_289_a_50-50.jpg Multi-circuit

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  • Easily centralise your data with DIRIS G

    • Advantages:


    • With DIRIS G communication gateways, all information from metering and measurement devices communicating wirelessly or via the RS485 bus are centralised in a single device and then made available on the Ethernet network via Modbus TCP.
      The gateway has an embedded WEBVIEW web server, allowing real time monitoring of electrical values and analysis of consumption data.

    • picto_399_a.png Plug & Play


    • picto_355_a.jpg (picto_355_a) Scalable


    • picto_400_a.jpg (picto_400_a) WEBVIEW embedded web server

  • Drive reductions in your energy consumption with VERTELIS

    • VERTELIS SUITE :  Software for implementing a continual improvement process


      Energy and facility managers of commercial and industrial sites, your challenge is to improve the energy efficiency of your organisation.
      VERTELIS software suite offers you the means to achieve your energy objectives, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption, costs & carbon emissions, drive a legislation compliance process
      and implement a corporate green communication.

      Build your energy policy
      Make decisions and communicate
      Implement a performance measurement and
         verification protocol

      Define actions and ensure that they are monitored