Manual operation steel enclosures

MTSE & Bypass - from 63 to 3200 A

Manually operated polyester enclosed changeover switches provide changeover, source inversion or switching under load between two low voltage power circuits, as well as their safety isolation. The enclosure provides protection against contact with live parts as well as environmental factors such as dust, water and other hazards.


• SIRCO VM1 and SIRCOVER are multipolar changeover switches, with positive break indication allowing safe interventions on the equipment.
• SIRCO VM1 enables visible double breaking.
• SIRCOVER are designed for operation on load and are able to make and break mixed/inductive loads (utilisation categories AC22/AC23).
• SIRCO VM1 and SIRCOVER are available in versions I, 0, II / I, I+II, II / Bypass (SIRCOVER only).