Întrerupătoare combinate cu siguranţe în dulap

Enclosed FUSERBLOC from 25 to 800 A

FUSERBLOC enclosures incorporate three or four pole manually operated fuse combination switches which make and break on load and provide isolation and protection against overcurrent for any low voltage electrical circuit. The enclosure provides protection against contact with live parts as well as environmental factors such as dust, water and other hazards.


Safety of operation

Enclosed FUSERBLOC provide:
• Positive break indication and door interlocking.
• Short-circuit and overcurrent protection.
• Complete isolation of the fuse with double breaking per pole (top and bottom of fuse).
• Protection to personnel against contact with live parts.
• Protection against environmental factors.

Suitable for use in a variety of applications

FUSERBLOC can be fitted with different types of fuses (gG, aM, UR) with high breaking capacity, enabling them to be utilised in a variety of applications.