Power Conversion System and Storage with Islanding Mode from 66 kW to MW

The solution for:

• Off-grid microgrids
• Grid-connected microgrids
• Smart buildings

Total flexibility

• Can be integrated into microgrids with existing PV plants.
• Scalable modular system.
• Compatible with different technologies & battery brands.

Maximum availability

• Modular & independent architecture.
• Easy, fast & safe maintenance thanks to hot-swap power modules.
• No downtime during maintenance.

Autonomous operation

• Islanding capability - voltage generator.
• No interruption during microgrid connection to the main grid.
• Automatic balancing between production and consumption.

High performance

• High efficiency at low power.
• High quality and stability of power supply in islanding operation.
• Black-Start functionality.
• Boosted overload and short-circuit capability.